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When you visit a home center or a sliding doors dealer to shop for a sliding glass patio door, you will find it difficult to choose from wide variety of choices. You can select sliding, swinging, French and bi-fold patio doors or else if you want a truly custom design that matches your home’s interiors you can also go for it.

We are explaining about some important things to consider before buying a sliding glass patio doors for your sweet home.

  •  Type of Frame
  •  Type of Glass Panels
  •  Type of Hardware
  •  Do you love Security?

Type of Frame: Patio doors are available in different frame styles. The most commonly frames found in custom manufactured doors are solid wood frames. There are many types of aluminium frames available today. Wood clad frame is a type of aluminum frame with a fitted outer wood cover. It is inexpensive and gives the look of a high end wood frame. If you are looking for cheap patio doors, basic aluminum framed patio doors and Single part hollow aluminum extrusions are good option for you. Thermal break aluminum frame material is high strength polyamide that inherits similar strength and expansion properties to aluminium which can help you from getting froze even in very cold weather.

Type of Glass Panels: There are single or double paneled sliding glass patio doors. Double paneled glass is normally known as IG Unit is really preferable as it won’t shatter if it breaks. Now there are many other trends like is Low-E, or low emissivity glass windows and doors available. The benefit of this type of glass doors and windows are it reflect back the heat and avoids absorption and transmission of heat into your rooms. So Ultraviolet lights are prevented entering your rooms and the benefit is it helps your window covering, carpets, furniture from fading.

Type of Hardware: Single pointed locks are the most commonly found feature used in sliding patio doors. It is classic ‘D’ shaped handles which fits for existing as well as new sliding patio doors. But now a day’s people prefer double pointed locks or multi-point locking system as single pointed locks are not secured as the sliding patio doors can be opened from outside by prying the track even if it is in locked position.

Do you love Security? : Last but not least all though you checked the quality of your sliding patio doors you have to consider the security of your home too. Security films for glass sliding doors, security pins, child security locks, blocking bars are the main security devices which can be installed easily at the top or bottom of the inside of door for securing your home.

Everyone loves patio doors because it adds the beauty of your home decors by allowing natural light inside and gives bright outside views to enjoy sitting in your home. So before buying make sure it suits to your home’s layout and style and durable enough for your usage.

If you need guidance in selecting right patio sliding doors and windows, please message us via our contact us form.

Happy buying!

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