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While considering space efficiency, traditional hinged doors takes up several feet of floor space. This space consumption is terrible and for a 900 sq ft apartment it is not practical to remain the space unutilised.

But sliding doors are good deal for apartments with small area rooms as it doesn’t consumes space. Moreover you can keep your furniture closer to the sliding door itself. Sliding doors are the best option for hotels, apartments and offices.

There are many space saving interior sliding doors available in market and it not only saves your space but also gives elegant style and adds the beauty of your rooms. There are pocket sliding doors available which allows the sliding doors to slide into the wall. Pocket sliding doors can be installed easily on everywhere where space allows.

Glass sliding doors maximizes natural light flow into your room and you can enjoy all year round views of your garden.

Sliding doors moves on its rails so it is very easy to use. You can quickly access the commonly used areas like backyards, patios etc.

Sliding doors are made with composite gaskets so they act as good insulators. This will help your home to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Security sliding doors or sliding security doors saves you from burglars.30 % of burglaries occurring through open doors. Gaskets and aluminum seals helps the doors to shut tight and hook-over mechanism keeps the door from being lifted out of its frame.

If you have more gatherings and events in your home, then sliding doors are the best choice for you. You can celebrate parties with your friends and families in your home itself and no need to hire halls for parties and events.

If you think that Sliding doors are the right choice for your home, then contact us for more expert advice.

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