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Flies are unwanted visitors, who reach your home especially on warm weather. Usually you use flyscreens to protect your family. Fly screens get damaged easily over period of time. Holes may form allowing flies to get into your home.

Below are some flyscreen repairing tips to enjoy a full night’s sleep without allowing flies to disturb your sleep.

For this you need the below things:

  •  Scissors
  •  Fly wire
  •  Just dip a piece of newspaper or cotton cloth into this solution
  •  Stanley Utility Knife
  •  Plastic Spline
  •  Spline Roller

How to Replace your Flyscreen

Remove the screen from window, as it will help you to repair your flyscreen easier. Lay your window screen or door screen on a wide flat surface. Keep the screen in such a position that screen spline is facing up.

Check carefully and find out the end of flyscreen spline. Using an awl or a small pick, dig out the spline carefully. Pull the old rubber screen spline from the frame channel, once you feel that enough is exposed to grip firmly between your fingers.

Remove the old flyscreen from your window Remove the fly screen from the screen kit and center it so as to fit the screen frame. If you are using screen roll, then cut it allowing few inches on all sides of the frame. Cut the excess screen once you finished installing and make the screen centre over the frame.

Insert the end of the replacement uncut rubber spline into one of the corner of the frame. Poke the spline into the frame channel carefully using a screwdriver. Poke a hole in the new screen. If the end of the spline is tucked into the frame channel, you are ready to start with spline roller.

Press the spline into the channel using a spline roller, along one side of the frame. Stop pressing if you reached the corner. In corners you won’t be able to use the rollers and use screwdriver to poke the spline into the corners of frame channel. While starting a new side, pull the screening with someone’s help. Continue it till you cover the frame channel with the rubber spline.

When you reached the last corner, from where you started with, cut the edge of the spline and using a screwdriver pack the end of spline into the frame channel.

Firmly press the spline into the channel by running the roller over several times till you satisfy with the tightness of the screen.

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