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Are you in need of a sliding door repair? If your door is rattling, screeching or isn’t opening or closing well, it might be time to consider getting it fixed. At All Sliding Door Repairs we can help get your sliding doors, windows and wardrobes back on their tracks and functioning like they are supposed to be! We service all of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounds and are fully qualified, insured and professional. 

Common Sliding Door Concerns

The common sliding door (also know as a fly screen door) is usually the most highly used door with a home. Often frequented by dirty shoes and pets, the tracks of these doors can become full of general household dust, dirt and grime causing it to become worn down, broken or stuck. If you are experiencing any of the following common sliding door issues then it may be time to give our Brisbane and Gold Coast sliding door experts a call!

  •  Locking Difficulty
  • Track Misalignment
  • Damage to Rollers
  • More Effort Required When Opening And Closing
  • Inability to Fully Close Door

Affordable Sliding Door Repair Services

 With over 12 years in the industry our technicians offer competitive rates and a wealth of knowledge. We focus on providing timely and efficient repairs. After your first contact with us we will give you a clear outline of exactly how our team can help, how long the service will take and what the cost of the repair will be. 

We will also leave you with a better idea on how to maintain your new or repaired sliding door to prevent future breakages and damage. 

Sliding Door And Window Maintenance

Unlike a car, many people will forget that mechanisms such as screen doors also need maintenance and servicing to prevent faults. At All Sliding Door Repairs we service a wide range of sliding door and window components such as:

  • Locks And Handles
  • Fly Screen Remeshing
  • Pet Door Installation
  • Sliding Wardrobe Repairs and Servicing
  • Sliding Mirror Repairs and Servicing
  • Sliding Window Repairs
  • Commercial Door Repairs

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today!

About us


With over 12 years of industry experience, rest assured knowing that if you need glass sliding door repairs in Gold Coast suburbs (or in Brisbane); we’ve got you covered. A few of our guarantees are: 


  • Our staff are highly trained to repair your sliding door and windows whether it is commercial or residential repairing services.
  • Our services are economical as we practice the rule “it is more effective to replace roller assembly than to replace the whole door.”
  • Our work is fully guaranteed as we keep all the required insurance and your doors and windows are safe with our trained tradesman.

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